トップページ フォーラム 初心者向け ESP-WROOM-32(MH-ET LIVE) でのLチカ

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    ESP-WROOM-32(MH-ET LIVE) でのLチカテストです。
    開発環境は Arduino IDEです。

    Arduino IDE のサンプルプログラム Blink の ビルドインLEDの定義を再定義しています。
    #define LED_BUILTIN 2

      Turns on an LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly.
      Most Arduinos have an on-board LED you can control. On the UNO, MEGA and ZERO 
      it is attached to digital pin 13, on MKR1000 on pin 6. LED_BUILTIN is set to
      the correct LED pin independent of which board is used.
      If you want to know what pin the on-board LED is connected to on your Arduino model, check
      the Technical Specs of your board  at
      This example code is in the public domain.
      modified 8 May 2014
      by Scott Fitzgerald
      modified 2 Sep 2016
      by Arturo Guadalupi
      modified 8 Sep 2016
      by Colby Newman
    #define LED_BUILTIN 2
    // the setup function runs once when you press reset or power the board
    void setup() {
      // initialize digital pin LED_BUILTIN as an output.
      pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT);
    // the loop function runs over and over again forever
    void loop() {
      digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH);   // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level)
      delay(1000);                       // wait for a second
      digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW);    // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW
      delay(1000);                       // wait for a second

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