Arduino UNO(互換機) PWM でLチカ

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    Arduino UNOのPWMを使ってのLチカです。


    int blinkPin = 9;                           // set pin 9 to output the same value as the output timer which is the blinkPin
    void TimerOne_setPeriod(long OCRValue) 
     TCCR1B = _BV(WGM12)|_BV(CS12)|_BV(CS10);   // CTC mode - 1024 prescale
                                                //  TCCR1B = _BV(WGM12)|_BV(CS12)|_BV(CS11)|_BV(CS10); is the entire command but since CS11=0 its left out
                                                //  manipulates prescale (one of the parameters we can manipulate**we want to use prescales that yeields high ORC values for more reliable signals 
     TCCR1A = _BV(COM1A0);                      //  or use TCCR1A = 0x40;            // Toggle mode 0C1A  
                                                //  This is used to toggle on pin 11 ** pin 11 = 0 x 1 so COM(COM1A1) = 0 and is not in code
                                                //  **Determines pin behavor
     OCR1A = OCRValue;                          //  set the counter
    void setup()
     pinMode(blinkPin, OUTPUT);                 // turn on the timer ouput pin and it also the input;
     TimerOne_setPeriod(7812.5);                 // set up and start Timer1 to blink at the same rate as the blink sketch
                                                /* Insert the follwing values into the TimerOne_setPeriod() here for the following frequencies:
                                                .12 Hz: 65104.16667
                                                .5 Hz: 15625
                                                1 Hz: 7812.5
                                                5 Hz: 1562.5
                                                10 Hz: 781.25
    void loop()


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    • このトピックは kazが1 年、 8 ヶ月前に変更しました。
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    Hello everyone
    Can I make PWM ouput directly from MIAC Arduino
    Type: MI5466 AVR ATmega1281
    How can PWM ouput made?
    Like a small code eksemple

    The example below does not work in MIAC Arduino.
    Attached: MIAC PWM TEST.fcfx7.55 KiB Downloaded 225 times

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    Hi Monie,
    That is very strange.
    Could you post your generated C file “MIAC PWM TEST.c” and I will see if there are any differences with mine.

    If you just have a loop with a delay and OutputON1 delay OutputOFF1
    and no PWM, does that give an output?

    Also could you check the PWM component has a valid prescaler setting on your project.


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    Hopefully I dont. MomsMechanic used one since he used an Arduino Nano that didnt have an onboard regulator. I bought a knockoff Uno via ebay, so I put that in there to remind myself to verify that mine has an onboard regulator.

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